Which Natural Products to Trust

Supplement AisleA walk down the supplement aisle can quickly become an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Today, the natural health market has grown to include hundreds of products, which makes it difficult for any consumer to navigate. How do you know which product is best?

In Canada, the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD) enforces regulations that ensure product safety and efficacy. The NNHPD has created a natural health product environment that consumers can trust. The natural health product regulations require that all products have labels with clear information, and it ensures that each product’s contents match what the label says. In addition, regulations require manufacturers to provide clinical evidence to support the dosage, combinations, and health claims for each product. This enforces efficacy among natural health products in Canada. Purchasing products in Canada can be done with confidence.

Why, then, are some consumers feeling uncertain about the efficacy and purity of natural health products? It’s hard to ignore media reports that a supplement may not be good for you. For example, in October of 2014 the United States Federal Trade Commission brought legal action against Simple Pure, a manufacturer of green coffee bean extract who was making unwarranted and extreme health claims.

There are many quality manufacturers of natural health products in both Canada and the United States with a wide variety of effective and safe products. How do you find a product you can trust? Research companies and their products to ensure you are getting the best product for you. Qualified health practitioners, including holistic nutritionists, can be helpful resources in your search to find products you can trust.

Need help? The team at myWholeLife understands the frustration consumers feel.

To help sift through crowded supplement aisles, myWholeLife has created a partner program. The program includes products and services evaluated to ensure the highest quality and fit to an individual’s health concerns.

“Not all products are created equal—our team evaluates all of our recommended products and services to ensure they are of the highest quality, meet your individual nutritional and health needs, and have a lighter environmental footprint,” says Darlene Higbee Clarkin, CEO of myWholeLife. Check out the myWholeLife trusted products and services here, and check back frequently, as the myWholeLife team of experts stringently evaluates more services and products.


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