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6 Natural Anxiety Busting Remedies

Give anxiety the boot with these 6 all natural anxiety busting remedies. Consume More Fish You’re probably well aware that omega-3s help to protect the brain from dementia but did you know they also help relieve anxiety? The exact reason why is unclear, but scientists speculate that inflammation in the brain may contribute to anxiety […]

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Ten Sun-Smart Superfoods

You may be well aware of the importance of applying sunscreen on your skin, but did you know that eating certain foods can help protect you from within? UV rays can damage the DNA within our skin to age it prematurely. These sun-smart superfoods will help reduce your risk for sunburn, help prevent premature aging […]

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Taking the Holistic Approach to Healing from Heart Disease or Stroke

Surviving a heart attack or stroke can sometimes leave you feeling like the future is uncertain. The good news is that the power to heal your heart is in your hands.The way you choose to live your new life can help speed healing and reduce your risk of another cardiovascular event. We at myWholeLife want […]

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Health Officials Call for More Fish in Diets of Children and Pregnant Women

A recent piece titled “Can Depression Cause Heart Attacks?” has taken a really good look at the research linking depression and heart attacks.

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Supplementing your Omega-s by Karlene Karst, RD

We are pleased to have Karlene Karst, RD, a mother, author, nutritionist and developer of the SeaLicious™ and VegLicious™ line of omega oils speak to our stance on supplements. She is aligned with our approach in her explanation of why many people are deficient in good fats and why our diet may not be a good […]

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