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Weight-Loss Surgery Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Studies have concluded that bariatric (weight loss) surgery is a successful way to treat type 2 diabetes (DM2) in the obese population, however only a few studies have examined whether bariatric surgery can prevent DM2.

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Inflammation: The Silent Bone Killer

Chronic inflammation is an epidemic that silently affects countless North Americans, increasing their risk of chronic disease. What you may not know about inflammation, however, is that there is a long established connection between inflammation and bone disorders. Your bones are constantly undergoing a cycle of building (formation) and degrading (resorption). Normally bone resorption prompts […]

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Early, frequent antibiotic use linked to childhood obesity

New research suggests that <…> prescribing broad-spectrum antibiotics in particular, increases those children’s risk of obesity, at least in early childhood.

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Obesity in Kids: Expanding Trend is Concerning and Solvable

Easy-to-get calories and sedentary lifestyles are causing kids to gain weight. One third of children (5-17 years) are obese in the world today. Sweet sugar and delicious fat in convenient processed foods, combined with a technology-hooked generation is tipping the scale and raising health concerns from diabetes to cancer. In addition, an alarming increase in […]

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Q&A About Inflammation with Julie Daniluk

We truly believe that you can manage your health naturally with the guidance of a team of experts who practice an integrative nutritional approach. And as such, we are passionate about finding and supporting individuals in all the various aspects of health and wellness who share our philosophy. So, as the perfect finale to our […]

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