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Eat Away Estrogen Dominance

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms or diseases? • Fatigue • Fibrocystic breasts • Headaches • Hair loss • Memory loss/Foggy Feeling • Mood swings • PMS • Thyroid dysfunction • Cancer (breast, uterine/endometrial, prostate) Are You Estrogen Dominant? ‘Estrogen Dominance’ sounds like a rival book to ‘50 Shades of Grey’; however, this […]

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Lose Belly Fat Just By Relaxing?

Relax and lose that belly fat, as suggested by recent research! Check out what we’ve discovered about this fascinating connection. Belly Fat & Stress Believe it or not, blood sugar crashes triggered by chronic stress, coupled with stress-driven food cravings, may lead to fat deposition in a very specific part of the body. That dreaded […]

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Darker Days: Tips for Fall Health

In the fall and winter, we experience fewer hours of daylight. Its effect on nature is visually striking—beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves. In our bodies, there are equally significant changes happening as our exposure to sunlight decreases, such as changes to mood and sleep-wake cycles as well as cessation of vitamin D production. Feel […]

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