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5 Simple Tips for Creating Bliss During the Holidays

Holiday shopping mall madness, the stress of picking the perfect gift, constant food temptations, loneliness and an overpacked schedule are just a few common stressors that can cause you to feel less than blissful during the holiday season. We at myWhloleLife want to help you experience more bliss this season, not only because it’s a […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Weight gain can seem like an inevitable part of the holidays but it doesn’t have to be! Below are 5 insider tips that may just leave you weighing less than before the season even began. #1. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Sugar that is in your blood that is not burned as energy will be […]

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6 Tips for Navigating Holiday Party Buffets

Say goodbye to party ‘food hangovers’ and the mental anguish that food buffets can cause, with out 6 simple strategies for navigating holiday food buffets. #1 Never, Ever Arrive Hungry We’ve all done it – eaten less during the day of a party, to save room for the Holiday feast. Showing up hungry almost guarantees […]

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