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Exposed: New Nasty Health Risk Associated With Diet Drinks

Diet soda – the name itself is a bit of an oxymoron because although it’s void of calories it’s been found to actually increase appetite and contribute to weight gain. But if that highly popularized finding wasn’t enough to get you to ditch those diet drinks, then listen up: scientist’s have recently discovered drinking diet […]

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Should You Quit Sugar?

With news headlines shouting, “Sweet Poison” and “Sugar is Toxic”, many people are wondering if we should stop eating sugar. Yet basic nutrition has taught us that sugar is an essential energy source. What is the truth—should we quit sugar? Pros and Cons of Sugar Documentaries such as CBC’s Big Sugar and Hollywood’s Fed Up […]

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10 Signs of Emotional Eating and Underlying Cause

We live in a high stress society, and many people turn to food as a coping mechanism, without consciously choosing to do so. Although many emotional eaters feel ashamed or guilty about their presumed ‘lack of willpower’ over food, emotional eating has much more to do with evolution and biology than it does with willpower. […]

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Why Breakfast May Not Be The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Adding to the ongoing debate about what makes for good food habits is another new study refuting the long-held notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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Long A-‘Weight’-ed Solution?

New Guidelines on Weight Management for Children May Surprise You It has been a long time since 1994 – the last time the guidelines on the prevention and management of childhood obesity were reviewed. Hence, where is great excitement about guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care for the management and prevention of obesity […]

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6 Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Want to reduce your risk for America’s #1 killer? All you need to do is optimize your blood pressure (aim for levels that are less than 120/80) and obtain an ideal lipoprotein profile, with triglyceride and LDL levels in the lower range, and HDL cholesterol levels in the higher range. Not sure how to go […]

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4 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Feeling less than energetic lately? More coffee is not the answer – it simply leads to adrenal exhaustion and increased fatigue over time. Of course, if the mere thought of a caffeine-free day causes panic in the depths of your soul, fret not! Here at myWholeLIfe, we have all-natural, surefire techniques to energize your body […]

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6 Tips for Navigating Holiday Party Buffets

Say goodbye to party ‘food hangovers’ and the mental anguish that food buffets can cause, with out 6 simple strategies for navigating holiday food buffets. #1 Never, Ever Arrive Hungry We’ve all done it – eaten less during the day of a party, to save room for the Holiday feast. Showing up hungry almost guarantees […]

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