Seeds of Success Instant Breakfast Smoothie

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August 28, 2015

We know you’ve all heard about how important breakfast is and you may not have the time in the morning to prepare a healthy meal. So with this in mind, check out this quick instant breakfast from our Free Health Report. Just 5 main ingredients, each with proven preventative health benefits to keep your body and brain in optimum condition.

  • Yields: 2 Servings


1 Tbs each raw pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds

2 tsp raw honey or pure maple syrup

1 cup fresh or frozen berries, cherries or banana


1Soak your seeds in ¾ cup of filtered water for 24 hours

2Pour into a blender and liquefy, adding 1 cup of filtered water

3Add fresh or frozen fruit, blend with honey or pure maple syrup

Breaking Down The Benefits:

  • Raw Pumpkin Seeds ~ full of B vitamins for mental health and zinc for sexual health
  • Raw Flaxseeds ~ high in good fat ALA, to keep cardiovascular health at its peak
  • Sunflower Seeds ~  high in vitamin E to fight inflammation and cut risk of chronic diseases
  • Raw Honey or Raw Maple Syrup ~ immune system-boosting and inflammation-blasting
  • Fresh or Frozen Berries, Cherries or Fruit ~ high in free-radical fighting antioxidants for ultimate anti-aging

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