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Chicken Soup with Leeks, Ambercup Squash, Carrots and Kale

It’s that time of the year to ensure your immune system is optimized to flight viral cold and flu invaders. How about cooking up a bowl of homemade chicken soup loaded with an immune-boosting “Army” ¬– antioxidents, beta carotene, folate, vitamin C, allicin…, they will flight the battle and rid your body of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

myWholeLifeBy myWholeLife Team

Curried Squash and Ginger Soup

Turmeric, in all its beautiful yellow glory, is amazing for our health. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to reduce inflammation, and is a great addition to our daily diet. It can also be supplemented with curcumin, the active component within turmeric that gives it the beautiful rich colour it is known for. Research shows that in order to get the most benefit from turmeric or curcumin, however, it is important to add black pepper to the mix. A chemical within black pepper, called piperine, is known to increase the bioavailability (the amount of a nutrient our bodies can actually absorb and use) of turmeric up to 200 times.

myWholeLifeBy myWholeLife Team

Sarah’s Dandelion Thai Curry

My oldest daughter, Sarah, was mastering the art of making Thai curry while I was testing recipes for my next book. She was so successful that I decided I had to include her recipe in the book. The recipe is all Sarah, but the ingredients were selected by me (I don’t know any 16 year olds who would select dandelion greens without some pressure). Super-nutritional, liver-healing dandelion greens make this Thai curry strong springtime medicine disguised as a delicious one-pot-meal.

Terry WaltersBy Terry Walters