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Tamari Roasted Chickpeas

These scrumptious roasted chickpeas will quickly become a weekly go-to recipe in your home. They are a snap to prepare, and each chickpea absorbs the tamari and lemon juice during baking, making every nibble delicious!
They are ideal for packing into lunches, but are especially wonderful still warm served straight up, or to top salads, soups, pastas, or pizzas!

Dreena BurtonBy Dreena Burton

Spicy Thai Roasted Chickpeas

Snacks are healthy options when they are high in nutrition and energize our bodies and mind. Many of us look for full flavour and texture in snacks, so we’ve got some tasty ideas that will satisfy your belly and tastebuds. Roasted chickpeas make a nutritious option because they are high in fibre and offer some protein and iron too. And of course, they are super tasty! Roasted chickpeas have a chewy and crunchy texture that’s fun to eat. These delectable snacks are perfect for packing in lunches, nibbling at a party, as an appetizer or enjoyed while cheering on your favourite sports team. They are simple to make and can easily be prepared a couple of days ahead.

Desiree NielsenBy Desiree Nielsen, RD