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Cherry-Chia-Cacao Granola Bars

I originally created this recipe as a results-driven detox/cleanse program. Our clients needed something to sustain them through a morning of exercise that was satisfying and energizing, and these protein-packed bars fit the bill. They are perfect now with summer winding down and kids going back to school. Nourishing, portable and easy to make, this raw granola bar recipe provides a great template for experimenting with additional flavor combinations. For breakfast balance the granola bars out with a green juice or smoothie. Keep one on hand for a mid-morning snack or a lunch box option.

Nicole Gimmillaro, Certified Natural ChefBy Nicole Gimmillaro, Certified Natural Chef

Red Pepper Hummus Sandwich

My girls like hummus as a snack with carrots or chips, but try to get them to accept it in a sandwich, and I have to do something different. Roasted red peppers are my answer. They’re easy to make or buy prepared and add a smoky sweetness that wakes up hummus and makes it a delicious accompaniment to sweet tomatoes and bitter arugula. Add crispy grilled bread from an outdoor grill or indoor grill pan and turn this otherwise simple lunch into an artisan sandwich.

Terry WaltersBy Terry Walters