Cuisine: Low FODMAP

FODMAPS stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, and Mono-Saccharides And Polyols. These carbohydrates and sugar alcohols are found in foods naturally or as food additives and are poorly absorbed in the digestive tract. The Low FODMAP Diet is proven to be an effective dietary treatment for the vast majority of people suffering from IBS and other digestive disorders.

Anti-inflammatory Pho Soup

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pho is an excellent anti-inflammatory, gut healing and (this version) is low FODMAP. Bone broth is a potent ingredient for anyone with gastro-intestinal disorders, or anyone who is healing muscle or bone injuries. Making your own broth is well worthwhile, and makes your home smell delicious. Warm soup may seem strange to eat for breakfast at first, but with the change of the seasons and cold weather approaching, your body will thank you.

Rebecca Wilson, Holistic Chef, CNPBy Rebecca Wilson, Holistic Chef, CNP