Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in Vancouver, Canada. A passionate advocate for holistic and integrative approaches to nutrition, Desiree currently runs a successful private practice with a focus on digestive health, plant-based diets and anti-inflammatory nutrition. Desiree is also the author of the new book, Un-Junk Your Diet, which was released in August. Nutrition education is at the core of her work and Desiree travels throughout North America motivating others to make healthier choices every day with her practical, light-hearted approach. You might have seen Desiree on CBC News, Global News, Canada AM and Breakfast Television or in Chatelaine Magazine, Best Health and Mind Body Green. Learn More 

NewUnJUnk CoverAre you ready to #UnjunkYourDiet?

Get energized, feel truly healthy and prevent chronic disease without ever having to follow another ‘Diet’. Un-Junk Your Diet will guide you through the basics of whole food nutrition and chronic inflammation and provide you with the tools to lean in (or dive in!) to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle with four different eating approaches and recipes that are insanely delicious and centred around plant foods. Easy to read and backed by current science, Un-Junk Your Diet is grounded in a real world approach to eating well.

Un-Junk Your Diet will help you clear though the nutrition confusion and harness the power of plant foods to feel crazy good for the rest of your life. No deprivation, no guilt, no garbage. Just delicious food…and plenty of food for thought. If you are tired of feeling less than amazing – and ready to put fad diets behind you, forever – this is the book for you.

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