Cancer: Where Are We Now?

Lab research

From avoiding BPAs to eating more cauliflower, research over the past decade has helped us transform our lives in many ways to one with a lower risk of cancer. But is it enough? How far has science come in helping us prevent cancer in society, and do enough people know about how to reduce their […]

Hot Diets: Gluten-Free and Paleo


More popular than ever, the gluten-free diet has been building momentum making it possibly the hottest diet trend of 2014.  The gluten-free diet has outgrown its Celiac roots and been embraced by the everyday consumer. Best-selling books like Wheat-Belly and encouragement from popular television celebrities like Dr. Oz have propelled the term ‘gluten-free’ into everyday, kitchen-table […]

What Junk Food Is Up To

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Children and adolescents are exposed to massive amounts of marketing that promotes consumption of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods leading them down the path to obesity and its related illnesses. Junk food advertising dominates airtime on children’s and adolescents’ television stations and influences our youngest generation’s understanding of food, diet and a healthy lifestyle. A sedentary, junk […]

Health Effects of Being a Super-Fan

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Health Benefits and Risks of Being a Super Sports Fan He shoots, he scores! And, the crowd goes wild. You can hear their roar. Hundreds of excited fans flood the streets, waving their team’s flag proudly, while horns honk in response. In homes across the city, viewers at home jump in excitement while embracing their […]

Science is Linking Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease

Alzheimers Cropped

For many years, Alzheimer’s disease has bewildered the scientific world. However, recently researchers have discovered many triggers and biological characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease, giving them a better understanding of how it develops. The surprise is that it is connected to heart disease. At the turn of the century, researchers reported a high prevalence of heart […]

Sugar: Trick or Treat

White Sugar

Sugary treats draw us in, because eating sugar causes dopamine release in the part of the brain associated with reward and motivation. It’s no wonder we love it—it can be addictive. Sugar’s powerful effects on the body go beyond our taste buds. Researchers suggest it may cause obesity and have profound effects on our brains. […]

Obesity in Kids: Expanding Trend is Concerning and Solvable

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Easy-to-get calories and sedentary lifestyles are causing kids to gain weight. One third of children (5-17 years) are obese in the world today. Sweet sugar and delicious fat in convenient processed foods, combined with a technology-hooked generation is tipping the scale and raising health concerns from diabetes to cancer. In addition, an alarming increase in […]

Darker Days: Tips for Fall Health

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In the fall and winter, we experience fewer hours of daylight. Its effect on nature is visually striking—beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves. In our bodies, there are equally significant changes happening as our exposure to sunlight decreases, such as changes to mood and sleep-wake cycles as well as cessation of vitamin D production. Feel […]