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With the focus on everyday wellness in the workplace, why not bring a top nutrition expert to your place of business?

Our 60-minute Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions are designed to provide the company and employees with the guidance and education to help manage stress, restore energy, and create an overall healthier working environment.

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myHealth 101: Fundamentals of Healthy Eating

Power Up: Restore Energy in the Workplace

Vigor & Vitality: Fight Chronic Disease with your Fork

Frustrated that healthy eating isn’t as simple as it used to be? Should you go lowcarb, vegan or gluten free? Wish someone would tell you how to interpret a nutrition label once and for all? myHealth 101 lays out sensible solutions for making healthier choices that won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion. We live in a sugar-soaked world…but just how big of an impact does it really have on our health, energy levels and focus? Learn why it’s important to manage your blood sugar–restoring energy levels, eliminating brainfog with practical tips on cutting your sweet tooth and reducing cravings. The foods we choose can lower the risk of chronic disease, reduce sick days, and help us age well. Discover how chronic inflammation plays a role in your health, which foods stoke the flames of inflammation, and what to eat to cool the flames by harnessing the power of an anti-inflammatory diet.

* We can also create custom workshops or corporate seminars to meet you wellness goals.

About Our Hosts:

Desiree NielsenDesiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian in private practice with over five years experience presenting for clients such as the David Suzuki Foundation, Osteoporosis Canada, YWCA, the Gluten Free Expo andthe International Foundation of Employee Benefits and Pensions. She is the author of UnJunk Your Diet and a frequent media contributor to CBC, Breakfast Television, Chatelaine Magazine and Global News. Lori Image 2Lori Petryk, a Calgary based nutritionist, provides diet-free, easy to understand, nutrition and health advice. She can be seen regularly on CBC Calgary evening news as their health and Science Columnist. Lori believes that to nourish our bodies, we must nourish the land in which it is grown, and is a advocate for sustainable farming practices. Lori’s has produced and hosted “Good for You, Good for Our Earth” a Vancouver food and nutrition show on SHAW TV and Telus Optik TV.



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