Inflammation: The Silent Bone Killer


Chronic inflammation is an epidemic that silently affects countless North Americans, increasing their risk of chronic disease. What you may not know about inflammation, however, is that there is a long established connection between inflammation and bone disorders. Your bones are constantly undergoing a cycle of building (formation) and degrading (resorption). Normally bone resorption prompts […]

Do You Really Need a Sports Drink?

Sports Drinks

We have long been told that the athlete within us all needs athletic performance enhancers. But if your inner athlete spends most of the day at your desk, that might not be the case. So before you lace up for your next workout…or burn a hole in your wallet on ‘sport-enhancing’ products, read on! Electrolyte […]

‘Steps’ for Building Healthy Bones


So you are eating all your fruits and veggies, getting sufficient calcium, magnesium, and other important nutrients for building strong bones—that’s great! You may also consider one other addition to your daily routine to help keep those bones healthy and strong—exercise! New research illustrates that women who incorporate regular exercise into their routines have greater […]