Interested in building lean muscle mass? Find out about the most well researched supplement

Couple training for fitness in gym with weigtsBy sport nutritionist Nilo Ghajar-Williams

Interested in building lean muscle mass? Creatine monohydrate is a well-researched supplement that has shown to benefit athletes by increasing muscle mass, power, and strength along with resistance exercise.

There are two ways you can supplement creatine. The advantage of the first method is that you will see results very quickly however, the downfall is that you will also retain a lot of water which is not desirable for aesthetic or weight class sports. The second method allows for a more gradual increase in muscle creatine levels.

Method of Creatine supplementation Dosage per day
* g/kg of BW = grams per kilogram of body weight.
Length of Time  Example (180 lbs male)
Loading Method Loading phase: 0.3 g/kg of BW 5-7 days 25 g of creatine (180/2.2 = 82 kg * 0.3 g = 25 g) per day.
Maintenance phase: 0.03 g/kg of BW Depends on competition time and goals. 2.5 g (82 kg * 0.03 g = 2.5 g) of creatine per day.
Alternate Method 0.03 g/kg of BW Slower rate of increase.  Creatine levels have shown to reach levels similar to those of the loading phase after 4 weeks. 2.5 g of creation per day (see above).



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