Holistic Nutritionists Go Digital With Online Health Report

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If you’ve ever wondered whether holistic nutrition would be beneficial to your health, getting the answers just got a whole lot easier.

Usually available only through 1-on-1 appointments with industry experts, Vancouver-based myWholeLife is now offering a sampling of their nutritional services to potential clients: Free Online Health Reports through a new platform on their homepage.

By having respondents answer 7 questions related to food preferences, allergies, age, gender, stress, activity level, and “bodily system of concern”, myWholeLife develops customized reports based on the answers, and then sends each respondent a link to where the report is stored online for a period of 90 days.

The report previews just a few of the benefits offered to members of myWholeLife’s upcoming subscriber service by including a “snapshot” of each respondent’s main health concerns, plus nutrition and lifestyle recommendations unique to each user. Included are customized food recommendations, foods to avoid, and sample one-day meal plans with recipes. The objective is to allow respondents to see how much holistic nutrition can help them manage their weight and blood sugar, improve energy levels, decrease stress, and reduce the risk of disease.

“This technology has given us the opportunity to reach a whole new audience,” says myWholeLife CEO Darlene Higbee Clarkin. “People are busy, and many don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the necessary appointments and costs associated with seeing a nutritionist. With the Free Online Health Report, respondents can test drive our services, find out whether holistic nutrition is right for them, and not have to pay a nutritionist $85 – $125 an hour to do it.”

Known as a nutritional service with a technical side, myWholeLife uses an integrative approach that combines scientific research on diet and lifestyle with the principles of holistic nutrition. The company is well-versed in using technology to reach their audience, having previously won “My Favourite Find” at the Canada Natural Health Awards for their Blood Sugar app, which allows customers to manage their daily blood sugar with the help of a mobile device.

“Technology continues to be a major catalyst in helping people establish healthier lifestyles,” says Higbee Clarkin. “We’re proud to be leading the way.”

Those interested in myWholeLife’s Online Health Report are encouraged to fill out the questionnaire.

About myWholeLife

myWholeLife combines leading medical research, holistic nutrition principles, and innovative technology to offer personalized health programs through online services and apps. The goal is to broaden public access to the knowledge and support of holistic nutritionists and related professionals, working in cooperation with medical practitioners, to bridge the gap between holistic nutrition and Western medicine.