Weight Loss

The Under-Diagnosed Disorder that May be Ruining Your Life

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Do you feel exhausted, weak or unmotivated, regardless of how much sleep you get? Have you seen doctors and had lab tests to try and figure out why you are so fatigued, only to be told that you’re perfectly healthy? If you answered yes to either, you may have adrenal fatigue; a debilitating condition that […]

What’s for Dinner?

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Dragging your feet through your front door at the end of the day, you face the question, “What’s for dinner?” Without a plan, you may find yourself in the pantry shoveling handfuls of low-nutrient food into your mouth. The result: a poorly nourished body and an expanding waistline. If you have little ones around, not […]

Bodily Imbalances that Can Hinder Weight Loss:

Sleeping during workout

Excess weight is often a complex matter and good intentions to follow a healthy diet and exercise more are rarely enough. We at myWholeLife want to help, so we’re sharing with you a rarely discussed facet of weight loss – the health of your glands and organs. Below are imbalances that can affect your ability […]

4 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

No Energy Drinking Coffee

Feeling less than energetic lately? More coffee is not the answer – it simply leads to adrenal exhaustion and increased fatigue over time. Of course, if the mere thought of a caffeine-free day causes panic in the depths of your soul, fret not! Here at myWholeLIfe, we have all-natural, surefire techniques to energize your body […]