Top Foods and Supplements with Dangerous Medication Interactions

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Would you believe me if I told you dark leafy greens have the potential to be dangerous? It sounds crazy, but certain supplements and even super healthy foods can interact with medications and cause dangerous side-effects when taken together! Below is a quick referral guide of the top food/supplement and drug interactions you should be […]

Science Fair Fantastic!


It began with an observation & question by five ninth-graders, and ended with a science experiment that’s hit the science community by storm! This experiment came about when a group of young scientists (junior-high young ladies, we must add!) noticed that, on nights when they slept with their mobile phones next to their heads, they […]

The Top Three Safe Supplements

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For most everyone, our team of nutritionists and integrative pharmacist consider the following three supplements safe and acceptable for daily use. Multivitamins Multivitamins are generally safe because they provide nutrients in a balanced form, as opposed to just isolating one or two nutrients and providing them in high doses. Taking a multivitamin is no replacement for […]

Snacks as Supplements

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Maybe you’re already living a blood-sugar balancing, anti-inflammatory and thermogenic (metabolism boosting) lifestyle—we could all certainly benefit from living this way, that’s for sure! But if these increasingly popular ways of eating are foreign to you and you’d like to learn more about them, or if you are already well on your way but want […]

Your Insider’s Guide to Supplement Safety


Kristy Horner, BSc. Pharm, is a pharmacist who works at the Robson location of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. She has a passion integrating natural and complementary health solutions to achieve the best health outcomes for her patients. Furthermore she specializes in compounding, which allows her to create customized medications for her people and animal clients. We […]

Is Your Medication Causing a Nutritional Deficiency?


The growing field of integrative medicine has created a new area of research called Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion, or Drug/Nutrient Depletion, and the science is showing that YES, many common medications can reduce absorption, increase excretion and change how the body and brain uses (aka. metabolizes) important vitamins and minerals required for optimum health. This can […]

Supplementing your Omega-s by Karlene Karst, RD


We are pleased to have Karlene Karst, RD, a mother, author, nutritionist and developer of the SeaLicious™ and VegLicious™ line of omega oils speak to our stance on supplements. She is aligned with our approach in her explanation of why many people are deficient in good fats and why our diet may not be a good […]

Fight Flu with Food & Herbs


The fever, aches, and chills that accompany a case of the flu are miserable. You would do anything to avoid that misery, right? How about adding a few foods, herbs, and supplements to your daily routine? Surely you can do that! The pesky flu virus won’t stand a chance when you incorporate the following simple […]