Preventative Health

3 Things You Need To Know About Grilling

BBQ Grilled Meat v2

Here’s a quick refresher to keep this BBQ season healthy and tasty! 1. When you grill meat for long periods of time and at high temperatures (300 F and above), a dangerous chemical reaction occurs that produces cancer-causing HCA’s (hetrocyclic amines). Take-home message: Grill but don’t burn meat—rather, aim for it to be medium rather […]

Preventative Health Care: Your Best Insurance

Apple with Stethoscope

Preventative healthcare may be a bit of a challenge to wrap your head around because, well, to be honest, who thinks about their health when they’re healthy? When we’re sick we have no choice but to focus on our health, and when we’re feeling good we tend to ignore it. But this way of thinking […]