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Shake It-Up at Your Farmers Market with these Unusual Picks

garlic scapes

A stroll through your local farmers market may reveal all sorts of unusual and funky looking foods. There is no better time than now to sample all that nature has on offer! Channel that adventurous spirit of yours and stock up on these flavourful, nutritious and not-so-mainstream fruits and vegetables. Read on as we help […]

Ten Sun-Smart Superfoods

Citrus Fruits

You may be well aware of the importance of applying sunscreen on your skin, but did you know that eating certain foods can help protect you from within? UV rays can damage the DNA within our skin to age it prematurely. These sun-smart superfoods will help reduce your risk for sunburn, help prevent premature aging […]

6 Sensational, Seasonal Superfoods


Looking for a delicious way to achieve a healthy weight, get glowing skin, boost your energy levels, fight inflammation and reduce your risk for disease? The power is on your plate. Get your hands on these sensational superfoods, in season and on their way to a farmer’s market near you! Black-and-Blueberries: Anthocyanins are bioflavonoids responsible for […]

Do You Really Need a Sports Drink?

Sports Drinks

We have long been told that the athlete within us all needs athletic performance enhancers. But if your inner athlete spends most of the day at your desk, that might not be the case. So before you lace up for your next workout…or burn a hole in your wallet on ‘sport-enhancing’ products, read on! Electrolyte […]

Taking the Holistic Approach to Healing from Heart Disease or Stroke

olive oil and vegetables

Surviving a heart attack or stroke can sometimes leave you feeling like the future is uncertain. The good news is that the power to heal your heart is in your hands.The way you choose to live your new life can help speed healing and reduce your risk of another cardiovascular event. We at myWholeLife want […]

Inflammation: The Silent Health Menace


For many years, health professionals sang the same tune – stress, dietary cholesterol and saturated fats cause heart disease – end of story. Luckily, that narrow view of a complex disease is getting a much needed re-evaluation. [i] What new risk factors should you be concerned about, you ask? The answer is found in a twelve […]

5 Nutrients for Heart Health

Heart Apple

Taking care of your heart is deliciously simple! Eat your way to a healthier heart with our list of heart smart nutrients and the fantastic foods that they can be found in. CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 is a potent heart helper found naturally in almost every cell of your body and both aging and statin drugs […]

GMO Dangers

GMO vegetables

Genetic engineering of our food supply poses grave risks, for the environment and for your health. Just how serious are those risks? We’ll let you decide…Many of the studies cited are performed in animal models so we cannot always be sure about transference to human health. However, using an animal model allows researchers to isolate […]