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The Under-Diagnosed Disorder that May be Ruining Your Life

Uomo in ufficio disperato

Do you feel exhausted, weak or unmotivated, regardless of how much sleep you get? Have you seen doctors and had lab tests to try and figure out why you are so fatigued, only to be told that you’re perfectly healthy? If you answered yes to either, you may have adrenal fatigue; a debilitating condition that […]

Reduce Sugary Beverage Liquid Calories


Finding alternatives to soda and sugary beverages might be one of the best things you can do for your health. Research has shown the negative effects of sugar on our health, and sugary drinks have been linked to weight gain, especially in children. It is suspected that weight gain occurs from consuming sugary drinks because […]

The Power of Ginger & Immune Boosting Tea

Ginger tea

For centuries, ginger root has been used for its medicinal properties by cultures all over the world. The ancient Greeks used it as an aphrodisiac, the Chinese as a tonic for cold and flu symptoms, and the Japanese used it for joint pain. Now we have research that has demonstrated just how powerful ginger can […]

3 Ways To A Healthy Gut With Fibre


Studies have shown that eating adequate amounts of fibre can increase the number of friendly bacteria growing in the gut–not only does fibre increase the number of ‘good guys’ present, but it significantly increased a specific bacteria that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The growth of this bacteria provides numerous health benefits, and has the potential […]

Fascinating Holiday Traditions

World Holiday Traditions

From hanging shoes to setting trash on fire, there are many downright fascinating holiday traditions. Our personal encounter with ‘Julebukking’ inspired us to further investigate holiday traditions and folklore across the globe and we stumbled upon 6 that we just couldn’t help but share. Julebukking (Norway): Children dress up in costumes and masks, go door-to-door […]

Dispelling the Poinsettia Myth


Due to the huge popularity of poinsettias, there is even a calendar day devoted to these beautiful blooms that we associate with Christmas — December 12 is Poinsettia Day! However, many people have unnecessary worry over having these plants in their homes because they think they are poisonous and deadly. So let’s take a closer […]

5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Christmas Ball with Measure Tape

Weight gain can seem like an inevitable part of the holidays but it doesn’t have to be! Below are 5 insider tips that may just leave you weighing less than before the season even began. #1. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Sugar that is in your blood that is not burned as energy will be […]

9 Ways To A Healthy Prostate

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In case the recent outbreak of mustaches didn’t tip you off, we’d like to remind you all that we’re well into Movember — the month where men grow mustaches in support of a charity that aims to enhance the health of prostates across the world. In solidarity with the cause, we have created 9 diet, […]