Emotional Eating

10 Signs of Emotional Eating and Underlying Cause


We live in a high stress society, and many people turn to food as a coping mechanism, without consciously choosing to do so. Although many emotional eaters feel ashamed or guilty about their presumed ‘lack of willpower’ over food, emotional eating has much more to do with evolution and biology than it does with willpower. […]

Overcome Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating - 6 Steps to Overcome It

Food is supposed to be a source of nourishment, but when you eat your emotions, it becomes much more than that – it becomes both a friend and an enemy. If you read the past two blogs, you are well aware that emotional eating is harmful to your physical and emotional wellbeing; however the conflicting […]

Why Emotional Eating is No Laughing Matter

Emotional Eating

So you’re a self-admitted emotional eater. “No big deal,” you say, “who doesn’t devour a big bowl, (or three), of ice cream when they are feeling down?” Don’t worry, we’re not here to condemn you; in fact we encourage the occasional dietary indulgence. However, when it becomes a regular occurrence, emotional eating can cause harm […]