Cardiovascular Disease

Share a Little Cacao Love This Heart Month!

cacao and chocolate

Chocolate is exchanged as a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason — this superfood not only encourages feelings of happiness and bliss, it also helps boost your health in the process. Read on for the lowdown on cacao, its health benefits and all the details you need to know when hunting […]

Inflammation: The Silent Bone Killer


Chronic inflammation is an epidemic that silently affects countless North Americans, increasing their risk of chronic disease. What you may not know about inflammation, however, is that there is a long established connection between inflammation and bone disorders. Your bones are constantly undergoing a cycle of building (formation) and degrading (resorption). Normally bone resorption prompts […]

6 Sensational, Seasonal Superfoods


Looking for a delicious way to achieve a healthy weight, get glowing skin, boost your energy levels, fight inflammation and reduce your risk for disease? The power is on your plate. Get your hands on these sensational superfoods, in season and on their way to a farmer’s market near you! Black-and-Blueberries: Anthocyanins are bioflavonoids responsible for […]

Taking the Holistic Approach to Healing from Heart Disease or Stroke

olive oil and vegetables

Surviving a heart attack or stroke can sometimes leave you feeling like the future is uncertain. The good news is that the power to heal your heart is in your hands.The way you choose to live your new life can help speed healing and reduce your risk of another cardiovascular event. We at myWholeLife want […]

Inflammation: The Silent Health Menace


For many years, health professionals sang the same tune – stress, dietary cholesterol and saturated fats cause heart disease – end of story. Luckily, that narrow view of a complex disease is getting a much needed re-evaluation. [i] What new risk factors should you be concerned about, you ask? The answer is found in a twelve […]

5 Nutrients for Heart Health

Heart Apple

Taking care of your heart is deliciously simple! Eat your way to a healthier heart with our list of heart smart nutrients and the fantastic foods that they can be found in. CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 is a potent heart helper found naturally in almost every cell of your body and both aging and statin drugs […]