9 Ways To A Healthy Prostate

Moustaches shaped word

In case the recent outbreak of mustaches didn’t tip you off, we’d like to remind you all that we’re well into Movember — the month where men grow mustaches in support of a charity that aims to enhance the health of prostates across the world. In solidarity with the cause, we have created 9 diet, […]

Healing Through Optimal Nutrition

Kathy Beach

Kathy Beach, Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Counselor shares her approach on how to optimize your chances of staying cancer free. As a cancer survivor herself, Kathy is especially passionate about coaching other cancer survivors to empower them to successfully navigate the cancer journey and move forward into a life of optimal health and wellbeing. […]

Developing Social Support to Improve Cancer Outcome

Cancer support group

The physical factors affecting cancer progression and recovery such as nutrition, exercise or rest are the most common topics of discussion but emotional factors such as social support are rarely discussed. Research confirms that a solid social support system helps cancer patients by reducing stress, anxiety and depression; it aids in the emotional adjustment to […]

Cancer Fighting Foods


Eating any single food will not prevent or treat cancer, however there is plenty of scientific evidence showing that what you consume over a lifetime can increase or decrease your overall cancer risk. Studies have found that consuming a large amount of red, processed and smoked meat, salty foods and sugar increases the risk for […]