Developing Social Support to Improve Cancer Outcome

Cancer support group

The physical factors affecting cancer progression and recovery such as nutrition, exercise or rest are the most common topics of discussion but emotional factors such as social support are rarely discussed. Research confirms that a solid social support system helps cancer patients by reducing stress, anxiety and depression; it aids in the emotional adjustment to […]

Cancer Fighting Foods


Eating any single food will not prevent or treat cancer, however there is plenty of scientific evidence showing that what you consume over a lifetime can increase or decrease your overall cancer risk. Studies have found that consuming a large amount of red, processed and smoked meat, salty foods and sugar increases the risk for […]

Vanessa Sheren Shares Her Personal Experience


While I’ve always had a desire to share my experience with anorexia, the opportunity had never really presented itself, nor did I have the drive to create one. However, when I read the interview with Jessica, I was urgently compelled to write in and offer my story, too. My experience was far different; what worked […]

Teenage Anorexia—An Insider’s Perspective (Part 2)

girl with therapist

Yesterday Jessica Bonish (a recovering anorexic) shared with us all sorts of anorexia recovery strategies. She was so full of useful information, that we couldn’t help but make this a two-part interview. Below are Jessica’s tips on how to live a healthy life without sacrificing recovery. 1) Now that you’re recovering from anorexia, how do […]

Teenage Anorexia—An Insider’s Perspective (Part 1)

sclae and measuring tape

Jessica Bonish, now 23 years old, struggled with anorexia throughout high school and has been recovering for the past two years. Jessica’s own experience has taught her that there is not enough awareness of teenage eating disorders and we’re delighted to share with you today, her story and her tips for recovery. 1) How did […]

Boost Your Mood With Food


You are what you eat: many foods that are staples in a teenager’s diet can negatively impact their health AND their mood. With this in mind, we have provided a list of mood sabotaging foods and healthy food swap ideas for both you and your teens. Swap Pop with Club Soda and Fresh Juice: Pop […]

Teenage Depression & Eating Disorders: A Parents Manual

Eating disorder.

About 3% of adolescents struggle with an eating disorder and 50% of those adolescents also suffer from depression.[i] [ii] Depression is not just a byproduct of eating disorders, however – it’s a mental illness that is increasingly common amongst teenagers. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, approximately 1 in 5 teenagers will experience […]

5 Strategies for Living Gluten-Free

Justine Dowd

Dr. Justine Dowd, PhD shares her research and own experience with Celiac disease. Justine is currently a CIHR funded post-doctoral fellow working in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Her research is in the area of health behaviour change and she is specifically using evidence-based strategies, such as self-compassion and self-regulation, to improve quality […]