5 Simple Tips for Creating Bliss During the Holidays

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Holiday shopping mall madness, the stress of picking the perfect gift, constant food temptations, loneliness and an overpacked schedule are just a few common stressors that can cause you to feel less than blissful during the holiday season. We at myWhloleLife want to help you experience more bliss this season, not only because it’s a […]

Dispelling the Poinsettia Myth


Due to the huge popularity of poinsettias, there is even a calendar day devoted to these beautiful blooms that we associate with Christmas — December 12 is Poinsettia Day! However, many people have unnecessary worry over having these plants in their homes because they think they are poisonous and deadly. So let’s take a closer […]

5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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Weight gain can seem like an inevitable part of the holidays but it doesn’t have to be! Below are 5 insider tips that may just leave you weighing less than before the season even began. #1. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Sugar that is in your blood that is not burned as energy will be […]

Top Food and Herbs for Concentration and Serenity


Cocoa:  Cocoa is a potent source of the calmness promoting mineral magnesium. It also contains caffeine to enhance concentration and hundreds of compounds that boost endorphins and serotonin (two chemicals that are responsible for making us feel happy and serene). Studies have found consuming cocoa also increases blood flow to the brain, which may in […]

6 Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health

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Want to reduce your risk for America’s #1 killer? All you need to do is optimize your blood pressure (aim for levels that are less than 120/80) and obtain an ideal lipoprotein profile, with triglyceride and LDL levels in the lower range, and HDL cholesterol levels in the higher range. Not sure how to go […]

6 Muscle Building and Recovery Foods

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Research has shown that athletes have greater protein requirements than the general population to meet muscle growth and recovery needs. High quality protein sources rich in essential amino acids are especially emphasized as they cannot be produced by the body. The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isoleucine, and valine are essential amino acids that demonstrate […]

Thyroid Awareness Q & A


January Thyroid Awareness Month This butterfly-shaped gland is located in the base of the neck just below the Adam’s apple. The Thyroid is a relatively small gland that plays an important role that influences the function of many important organs–when there is imbalance it will impact your overall well-being. It is estimated that 200 million people worldwide […]

6 Tips for Navigating Holiday Party Buffets

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Say goodbye to party ‘food hangovers’ and the mental anguish that food buffets can cause, with out 6 simple strategies for navigating holiday food buffets. #1 Never, Ever Arrive Hungry We’ve all done it – eaten less during the day of a party, to save room for the Holiday feast. Showing up hungry almost guarantees […]