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Our team of nutritionists and chefs take an integrative approach where a healthy, whole foods diet is the foundation of good health and our nutritional recommendations are based on scientific evidence. We believe in health programs and recipes that blend the evidence-based guiding principles of medical and natural nutrition to offer accurate, reliable advice to address your specific health concerns.

How Shopping Locally Benefits YOUR Health

young woman buying vegetables at the market

It is healthier to shop local. When American researchers studied 3,060 counties, they found lower rates of mortality, obesity and diabetes rates in counties that had a greater proportion of small businesses. Why does shopping local lead to healthier people? Buying locally means bringing home fresher more nutritious food, a more vibrant local economy, driving […]

Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer Healthy Skin Resized

There is nothing quite like the warm, soothing sensation of sunshine kissing your skin on a beautiful day. Sunshine helps our bodies feel great on the inside, but it can damage the outside. Luckily, there are many great ways (and delicious ones too) to keep your skin looking beautiful all summer long. Here are the […]

Top 8 Power Foods


We have selected our favourite top 8 foods to turbo charge your health. Healthy Oils (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil) These antioxidant-dense oils help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K), get glowing skin, avoid blood sugar fluctuations, and raise healthy HDL cholesterol levels. *Olive oil and flaxseed […]

Underdiagnosed Health Disorders

Disease Risk

Too many people are going through the motions of daily life ignoring troublesome health symptoms and resigning themselves to feeling subpar. To compound the problem, those who do reach out to their doctors often get dismissed because standard physicals and blood tests don’t check for some increasingly common diseases. Our mission at myWholeLife is to […]

Fall Foods That Are Good for You!


There is a surprise hiding in some of your favourite fall foods. Research has found some of our favourite fall foods contain nutrients that can battle some of the greatest health concerns of today. Apples Fresh and delicious, apples are a great food to enjoy this fall. A perfect snack, apples are nutritious, portable and […]

Exposed: New Nasty Health Risk Associated With Diet Drinks

Glass with cola collection

Diet soda – the name itself is a bit of an oxymoron because although it’s void of calories it’s been found to actually increase appetite and contribute to weight gain. But if that highly popularized finding wasn’t enough to get you to ditch those diet drinks, then listen up: scientist’s have recently discovered drinking diet […]

Best Drinks for Clean Summer Hydration

Coconut Water

Simple, delicious, plain old-fashioned water is hard to beat. Plain water is usually the best way to rehydrate for workouts of up to an hour. When plain water gets boring, try some of these clean hydrating drinks: Ice water with crushed pineapple and mint Water with freshly-squeezed lemon Cold water that has been stored in […]

Should You Quit Sugar?

White Sugar

With news headlines shouting, “Sweet Poison” and “Sugar is Toxic”, many people are wondering if we should stop eating sugar. Yet basic nutrition has taught us that sugar is an essential energy source. What is the truth—should we quit sugar? Pros and Cons of Sugar Documentaries such as CBC’s Big Sugar and Hollywood’s Fed Up […]