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3 Things You Need To Know About Grilling

BBQ Grilled Meat v2

Here’s a quick refresher to keep this BBQ season healthy and tasty! 1. When you grill meat for long periods of time and at high temperatures (300 F and above), a dangerous chemical reaction occurs that produces cancer-causing HCA’s (hetrocyclic amines). Take-home message: Grill but don’t burn meat—rather, aim for it to be medium rather […]

Preventative Health Care: Your Best Insurance

Apple with Stethoscope

Preventative healthcare may be a bit of a challenge to wrap your head around because, well, to be honest, who thinks about their health when they’re healthy? When we’re sick we have no choice but to focus on our health, and when we’re feeling good we tend to ignore it. But this way of thinking […]

Beautiful, Beneficial Bugs by Desiree Nielsen, BSc RD


This month we’re all about probiotics—so we wanted to speak to a bug-expert, of sorts, about how probiotics can support optimal health and what you need to know about finding a good quality supplement. Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian in private practice in Vancouver, and Education Specialist for Bio-K+, a family owned, Canadian manufacturer […]

Could Our Gut Bacteria Be Tipping the Bathroom Scale?


According to two brand new studies, our intestinal microflora (yes, that’s right, those little critters in our guts), could play a major role in weight loss and weight gain. And importantly, this science may have huge implications for better, more effective ways to lose weight! Here’s what the science is saying, and our team’s take […]

Supplementing your Omega-s by Karlene Karst, RD


We are pleased to have Karlene Karst, RD, a mother, author, nutritionist and developer of the SeaLicious™ and VegLicious™ line of omega oils speak to our stance on supplements. She is aligned with our approach in her explanation of why many people are deficient in good fats and why our diet may not be a good […]

Lifestyle Changes to Transform Your Health


The next pillar of our health assessment is lifestyle. Lifestyle can often be the most difficult to change so we’re here to ensure that you make changes that are both transformational and sustainable to your life. Exercise There is no getting around it–you need to exercise to achieve optimal health. Exercise reduces your risk for […]

Don’t be Fooled by These Food Myths

Food Myths

In honour of April Fool’s Day, we at myWholeLife, have decided to expose the top 5 food myths that you may have been fooled into believing. Myth #1: Salads Are Great for Health and Weight Loss The majority of restaurant, fast food and pre-mixed salads come adorned with highly processed, calorie-dense dressings and toppings. And […]

Overcome Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating - 6 Steps to Overcome It

Food is supposed to be a source of nourishment, but when you eat your emotions, it becomes much more than that – it becomes both a friend and an enemy. If you read the past two blogs, you are well aware that emotional eating is harmful to your physical and emotional wellbeing; however the conflicting […]