Nilo Ghajar-Williams, MKIN, RHN, TSCC

Nilo has a life-long passion for fitness, nutrition, and sports. Her passion and commitment to excellence in all three areas have led her to success as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Since 2005, a variety of clients from a diverse range of athletic backgrounds have benefited from her work.

Nilo earned her Bachelor’s degree at Simon Fraser University and then pursued studies in Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  She went on to complete her Master’s in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, specializing in coaching science and sports nutrition for optimal athletic performance.

In addition to being part of the myWholeLife team as our sport nutrition specialist, Nilo enjoys teaching. She is currently a Sports Nutrition instructor at the University of British Columbia and has also spoken on educating young athletes about sports nutrition and performance at several conferences, including British Columbia’s Baseball Conference. Recently, Nilo began presenting at various corporate lunch ‘n’ learns, promoting healthy eating and balance in the workplace.

Nilo’s extensive athletic background includes capoeira, muay thai, and tae kwon do.  She also works as a stunt woman in the film industry.