Crystal Munro, B.Admin.

Chief Marketing Officer

Crystal Munro has over eighteen years’ experience as a marketer. She first discovered her passion for marketing while operating a small business, and in 2007, Crystal launched her company—Creating Excellence—with a focus on brand management and development of strategic marketing plans.

With keen foresight, Crystal anticipated the integration of social media into the field of marketing, leading her to obtain an Award of Achievement in Social Media from the University of British Columbia. A self-professed education junkie, Crystal also has a Bachelor of Administration degree and a diploma in Marketing.

Crystal’s experience is unparalleled—although she may not be wearing the proverbial shoes, she has certainly walked a mile in them. Her years of experience providing marketing support to small local businesses and international companies allow her to create success by developing strategies tailored to specific target audiences. Crystal believes that the qualities of a successful company and a strong brand align with the core principles of social media: listening, engagement, transparency, and fostering community.