8 Top Tips for Health

Although getting old and sick is usually the last thing on your mind as a teenager, disease prevention is most effective when started early. Integrating the following 8 tips into your life will make you look and feel great today and prevent disease tomorrow. Clear, glowing skin and radiant, gorgeous eyes are two of the first benefits you’ll notice right away!  Already doing these (and if you are, well done)? Then jump right into your free personalized health report for more specific information tailored to you.

1. Toss the Packaged Foods

Swap them for whole, unprocessed foods and you will have clearer skin, more energy and a trimmer body. You’ll also reduce your risk for type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity.

2. Befriend Water

Replace soda with water and drink it until your urine is a pale shade of yellow (dark yellow indicates dehydration). Proper hydration helps prevent overeating, fatigue, dry skin and constipation while flushing out toxins— which supports healthy aging.

3. Move Your Body

Regular exercise helps tone your body and it increases feel-good hormones, so you feel more happy, energetic and confident. It also reduces your risk for depression, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.[i]

4. Don’t Stress

Find healthy ways to reduce stress (deep breathing, exercising, talking with a friend, journaling, playing with pets etc.) and you will boost your immune system and sleep better. You’ll also reduce your risk for depression, obesity, autoimmune disorders and skin conditions.[ii]

5. Consume Probiotics*

Probiotic-rich foods help enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, boost immunity, and clear acne.[iii] Probiotics also reduce the risk for irritable bowel disorders, allergies, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and depression.

6. Eat Omega-3s**

Omega-3s boost brainpower, give skin a healthy glow and help trim your waistline, while cutting your risk for heart disease, dementia, cancer and arthritis.

7. Love Your Liver

Keep your liver healthy by avoiding alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, unnecessary medications and refined sugar. A healthy liver detoxifies your body and gives you flawless skin, more energy, and a stronger immune system, while reducing your risk of dangerous liver diseases.

8. Don’t Skimp On Sleep

Adequate sleep helps increase memory and creativity (which mean better grades), enhances athletic performance and improves your mood. It also reduces inflammation, lowers your risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and mood disorders and may add years to your life.[iv]

*   Great sources of probiotics include yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and miso
** Great sources include cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseeds and leafy green veggies

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