New Quick Tips App Launched

New nutrition app tells users all they need to know about eating for health in daily, bite-sized spoonfuls

‘Every little bit’ makes a difference and it’s, ‘the parts that make the whole’. We know these idioms to be true with many things in life, including our health.

With the new myWholeLife Quick Tips app by WholeLife Holistic Nutrition Inc., anyone  with a mobile device can get daily tidbits of information that can take their health from zero to hero.

The philosophy behind the Quick Tips app and all the products at WholeLife Holistic Nutrition Inc. is to help bridge the gap between Western medicine and holistic nutrition. CEO & Founder Darlene Higbee Clarkin plans to use education to get people to use food to improve their medical symptoms,and enhance the effects of the medication they may be on.

How it works:

The myWholeLife Quick Tips app will launch with 30 pre-loaded nutritional tips. It will then deliver one tip a day to a user’s Apple or Android device. Tips like the following will arrive on the app’s home page every morning at 6 a.m EST.:

“Did you know…not all wheat is created equal? Whole-grain wheat may reduce fat-mass in addition to total and LDL cholesterol, major markers of cardiovascular disease?”

But that’s not all. The tips also come with suggestions on how to apply the facts to one’s lifestyle. Following the example above, the daily Quick Tip would continue with:

“Try replacing any refined wheat products you currently eat with whole-grain varieties.

Or try taking it slower, and replacing just half of the white pasta or rice in your dish with its whole grain variety – this works great with kids, too!”

All Quick Tips delivered by the app come with a clickable source reference leading to scientific journals online where a user can gather more information.

After viewing a Quick Tip, a user can save it into a collection called the “myFav” list. For those who aren’t quite as organized as others, or who prefer to look up healthy habits on a whim, all Quick Tips will be stored in a categorized database, easily accessible right within the app.

The storage of tips will be searchable by category and sub category, and include topics to filter such as “Diet,” “Supplements,” and “Lifestyle.” Beneath main topics, sub categories, like a listing of specific foods, can be clicked on to read about brown rice, artificial sweeteners, olive oil, dark chocolate (did you know it’s good for you?!) and more.

Imagine that – you could be sitting at lunch with a friend, eating sesame seeds, pull up a Quick Tip and be able to rightfully say, “Did you know sesame seeds may reduce LDL, the bad cholesterol you’re trying to keep down?”

Or, you could click to share the app with friends on Facebook. That would make you look smart too.

The app is designed to be part of a plethora of other health related apps soon to be released by the former cofounder of This one in particular coincides with the company web site launch at – a unique place where professional nutritional advice is given at a fraction of the cost.

The myWholeLife Quick Tips app is available on the Apple App Store (works with version 5.0 and higher for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and soon to be on Google Play for Android users (running version 2.3 and higher).